Cheer Like GiGi Scholarship
Cheer Like GiGi
Time: 2:58 PM
Keisha Nelson Email
In 2019 Gigi joined our cheer team, Glam, becoming a full participant in all aspects of a competitive cheer experience. Gigi quickly became a favorite at the studio, her hard work, ready smile and joyful demeanor make everyone around her happy. Teachers, coaches and teammates realized that Gigi’s pure love and shining example made Prizm a place everyone wants to be. Upon learning that Gigi’s family would be relocating, owners Keisha and Haley decided to offer a scholarship. The goal is to keep Gigi’s spirit of kindness and hard work alive. We are humbled at the outpouring of support and interest and are thankful for every little bit that makes our Cheer Like Gigi scholarship possible.
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